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Week 39: The Disappearing MPhils

It was a week where the summer really shone through. No longer were we trapped in the cool English spring; instead the sun came out and it was worth every minute to be outdoors, stretching into the late and bright evenings. It was also time to begin writing my first year report. Every first year… Continue reading Week 39: The Disappearing MPhils

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Week 34: Cygnets, Homerton Formal, Concerts and Tennis

The first non-work event of the week was the Orientation Committee hand-over. This had been arranged the week before and was an opportunity for some of our committee to meet with the previous year’s to discuss how the whole operation fell into place. It was also a good time for us to ask questions on… Continue reading Week 34: Cygnets, Homerton Formal, Concerts and Tennis

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Week 32: Elections and Trinity Hall Formal

The week began with a rejuvenated spirit following my trip to Yorkshire. As per usual, the weekdays were filled with the usual schedule of working, lunch, seminars and dinners, but I was working on producing a calculation rather than reading papers, which spurred me on a little. In particular, I was looking at trying to… Continue reading Week 32: Elections and Trinity Hall Formal

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Week 30: Real Tennis

Aside from Easter Monday, this was a pretty ordinary and uneventful week. Each day would involve riding into the department, working, having lunch, working some more, going home for dinner and relaxing through the evening. That isn’t to say nothing interesting happened. On Tuesday, I went with Jacqueline to see another potential house for next… Continue reading Week 30: Real Tennis

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Week 27: Traditional Birthday Punting

We had arrived back in Cambridge from Bulgaria very late, one of the last trains out from Stansted Airport. After a whirlwind adventure through Bulgaria, it was time to get things back on track and to some relative sense of normalcy. On the first day back, being a Wednesday, work resumed with the regular weekly… Continue reading Week 27: Traditional Birthday Punting

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Week 25: Games at Trinity and Hiking in Thetford

My week began with the news that my long-awaited article had finally been published in the Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics. This is a huge relief to me and a big cause of stress removed. It means that, finally, I can fully concentrate on work here in Cambridge, rather than be constrained by outstanding… Continue reading Week 25: Games at Trinity and Hiking in Thetford

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Day 22: Darwin College Welcome Dinner

I went into the Cavendish in the morning only to leave straight away again; I needed to pick up a notebook before going straight to DAMTP for a lecture. This time, it was a course called Symmetries, Fields and Particles, something rather fundamental to particle physics. This lecture was about the preliminaries of groups and… Continue reading Day 22: Darwin College Welcome Dinner

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