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Week 44: Shepreth Wildlife Park, and July Reprise

It was a slow week following the hectic cycling holiday in France. I needed a bit of time to catch a breather. I ventured out to the department for a little bit of work, but it was a lonely place as most of the academics were away and my officemates were in the US. I… Continue reading Week 44: Shepreth Wildlife Park, and July Reprise

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Week 38: A Truly English Summer

This was the week that summer finally started to arrive in Cambridge, if only meekly. I took full advantage of the warming weather, late sun and lack of Orientation Committee meeting to go for an hour-long bike ride around the streets of Cambridge on Monday evening. Likewise, Tuesday brought with it a beautiful evening, but… Continue reading Week 38: A Truly English Summer

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Week 27: Traditional Birthday Punting

We had arrived back in Cambridge from Bulgaria very late, one of the last trains out from Stansted Airport. After a whirlwind adventure through Bulgaria, it was time to get things back on track and to some relative sense of normalcy. On the first day back, being a Wednesday, work resumed with the regular weekly… Continue reading Week 27: Traditional Birthday Punting

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