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2016-17: Year in Review

The conclusion of the Orientation trip to the Lake District brings with it a moment for reflection and contemplation. For one, it is the culmination of months of work on a massive project which now leaves space to focus on new tasks. For another, it marks twelve months since I moved to Cambridge from Australia,… Continue reading 2016-17: Year in Review

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Denmark Trip Days 2-6: DAνCo Conference

Over the five weekdays during my time in Denmark, I was attending the Dark Matter, Neutrinos and their Connections (DAνCo) conference. It was being hosted at the University of Southern Denmark in Odense. The University was about a 25 minute walk from the AirBnB that I was staying at, so my morning routine consisted of… Continue reading Denmark Trip Days 2-6: DAνCo Conference

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Scotland · Travel

Scotland Trip: Day 1 – Edinburgh

The first day of the trip began at five thirty in the morning, as I rushed through a bowl of cereal and headed out to the train station; suitcase strapped to the rear panier of my bike. There, I met Annalise, Krittika and Jacqueline: the four of us were heading to Scotland for the weekend.… Continue reading Scotland Trip: Day 1 – Edinburgh

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Week 27: Traditional Birthday Punting

We had arrived back in Cambridge from Bulgaria very late, one of the last trains out from Stansted Airport. After a whirlwind adventure through Bulgaria, it was time to get things back on track and to some relative sense of normalcy. On the first day back, being a Wednesday, work resumed with the regular weekly… Continue reading Week 27: Traditional Birthday Punting

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Bulgaria Trip Day 1: Welcome to Sofia

The day began very early; my alarm was set for 4 AM to get up, get breakfasted and get to the train station for the first train of the day to Stansted Airport. There, I met my travelling co-conspirators: Annalise, Jacqueline, Krittika and Paul. We purchased our tickets and piled on to the train with… Continue reading Bulgaria Trip Day 1: Welcome to Sofia

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Week 18: Living in La La Land

I’m not sure on the best way to approach writing about my eighteenth week in Cambridge. Everything about it was so deeply emotionally charged, and in the past I have found sharing my thoughts and feelings with even my closest friends an immensely difficult endeavour. The thought of writing them down, publicly, is a daunting… Continue reading Week 18: Living in La La Land

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Parent's Visit

Parent’s Visit, Days 11-16: New Year’s in London

On the morning of the 27th, I walked with my parents to the Cambridge railway station. Over the next two days, they would be going duo to Dover. This part of their trip had been the least planned. We had discussed it the previous couple of days and decided that they would get the most… Continue reading Parent’s Visit, Days 11-16: New Year’s in London

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