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Week 39: The Disappearing MPhils

It was a week where the summer really shone through. No longer were we trapped in the cool English spring; instead the sun came out and it was worth every minute to be outdoors, stretching into the late and bright evenings. It was also time to begin writing my first year report. Every first year… Continue reading Week 39: The Disappearing MPhils

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Week 36: UK General Election Debate in Cambridge

On morning of bank holiday Monday, I played a Real Tennis friendly against a guy named Paul, who told me that he was trying to convert from his squash skill to tennis. I played off a slightly lower handicap that I ought to have, and so lost 1-6, 2-6, 3-6. The following days were spent… Continue reading Week 36: UK General Election Debate in Cambridge

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Week 35: Kayaking, Bike Theft and Croquet

What would end up being a hectic week began slowly; the only notable activity beyond work entertaining my Monday was to go out to an Asian noodle bar with Annalise and Jacqueline. The food tasted and smelled like the food courts back in Adelaide, a scent surprisingly rare in the UK. On Tuesday night, I… Continue reading Week 35: Kayaking, Bike Theft and Croquet

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Day 5: Kayaking and Cèilidhs

Breakfast was again served at the hostel, my tray loaded with a confusing mixture of English breakfast and cereal with toast. Nonetheless, straight away afterwards we congregated at the front of the hostel for our next group activities. Whereas the previous day, both activities had taken place outside Ambleside requiring a short bus journey, my… Continue reading Day 5: Kayaking and Cèilidhs

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