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Week 41: First Year Report

The entire week was set with a single goal: complete my first year report. Every PhD student in the University has to complete some form of formal assessment at the end of their first year, usually in the submission of some report or review of progress. The report is usually written with some broad comments… Continue reading Week 41: First Year Report

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Week 36: UK General Election Debate in Cambridge

On morning of bank holiday Monday, I played a Real Tennis friendly against a guy named Paul, who told me that he was trying to convert from his squash skill to tennis. I played off a slightly lower handicap that I ought to have, and so lost 1-6, 2-6, 3-6. The following days were spent… Continue reading Week 36: UK General Election Debate in Cambridge

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Week 24: My trip to Shippea Hill (and other shenanigans)

As far as work goes, I spent the week just reading recent-ish articles on TeV-scale Higgsinos, but that was by far the less interesting part of my week. To begin, on Monday, Jacqueline and I were invited over for soup cooked by Annalise. She had prepared a large pot and didn’t want to eat through… Continue reading Week 24: My trip to Shippea Hill (and other shenanigans)

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Week 22: Closing the Chapter (hopefully)

Most of my simulations finished on Monday morning, but some took days longer to complete. In the meantime, I tried investigating a point one of the referees had commented on to see if I could reconcile my results with some results from other works. I tried writing a script to plot the results, and when… Continue reading Week 22: Closing the Chapter (hopefully)

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Week 18: Living in La La Land

I’m not sure on the best way to approach writing about my eighteenth week in Cambridge. Everything about it was so deeply emotionally charged, and in the past I have found sharing my thoughts and feelings with even my closest friends an immensely difficult endeavour. The thought of writing them down, publicly, is a daunting… Continue reading Week 18: Living in La La Land

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Parent's Visit

Parent’s Visit, Days 1 and 2: Cambridge

My parents had arrived the night before from Australia, and their experience thus far of England and Cambridge was a disorientated mess of dark streets, the Darwin porter’s lodge and their college room. Now it was time for them to begin exploring. Lacking an alternative communications mechanism, we arranged to meet the old fashioned way:… Continue reading Parent’s Visit, Days 1 and 2: Cambridge

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Week 11: Christmas is Coming

It was a very packed week. At the end of the previous week, I received the referee’s recommendations from the article I had submitted near the beginning of the term to JCAP, the Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics. They left seven recommendations, ranging from some relatively minor formatting issues to asking for some clarification… Continue reading Week 11: Christmas is Coming

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