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Week 57: Real Tennis vs Middlesex and the Cambridge University Sinfonia

Jacqueline and I returned from Snowdonia late on Monday morning. Owing to a series of train delays, we both returned tired and exhausted. We therefore both spent much of the week relatively easy, now returned to a rhythm of working, eating and, for me, playing a bit of tennis. It was a fairly distracted week,… Continue reading Week 57: Real Tennis vs Middlesex and the Cambridge University Sinfonia

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2016-17: Year in Review

The conclusion of the Orientation trip to the Lake District brings with it a moment for reflection and contemplation. For one, it is the culmination of months of work on a massive project which now leaves space to focus on new tasks. For another, it marks twelve months since I moved to Cambridge from Australia,… Continue reading 2016-17: Year in Review

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Week 37: Canterbury Term Trip and UK Election

The week started, as my weeks often do these days, rather uneventfully. Aside from a tennis match on Monday morning, I was mostly caught in my now regular routine of working in the department all day, punctuated by lunch in college, and home for dinner and bed. Monday evening was, though, punctuated by an Orientation… Continue reading Week 37: Canterbury Term Trip and UK Election

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Week 34: Cygnets, Homerton Formal, Concerts and Tennis

The first non-work event of the week was the Orientation Committee hand-over. This had been arranged the week before and was an opportunity for some of our committee to meet with the previous year’s to discuss how the whole operation fell into place. It was also a good time for us to ask questions on… Continue reading Week 34: Cygnets, Homerton Formal, Concerts and Tennis

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Week 30: Real Tennis

Aside from Easter Monday, this was a pretty ordinary and uneventful week. Each day would involve riding into the department, working, having lunch, working some more, going home for dinner and relaxing through the evening. That isn’t to say nothing interesting happened. On Tuesday, I went with Jacqueline to see another potential house for next… Continue reading Week 30: Real Tennis

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Week 27: Traditional Birthday Punting

We had arrived back in Cambridge from Bulgaria very late, one of the last trains out from Stansted Airport. After a whirlwind adventure through Bulgaria, it was time to get things back on track and to some relative sense of normalcy. On the first day back, being a Wednesday, work resumed with the regular weekly… Continue reading Week 27: Traditional Birthday Punting

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